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Super Red-Hot Hero is a frenzied action-platformer game inspired by Super Mario Bros, Super Meat Boy and Megaman. Play as Super Red-Hot Hero, the guy whose heart was replaced by a cell of thermal energy. But not just any energy. His heart was replaced by a battery of Red Hot Energy,the most powerful thermal energy ever created. With such an amount of Red Hot Energy pulsing through our hero’s veins, Super Red-Hot Hero blew up the laboratory where Kazan Army created him and he ran away. With his new powers he can hop through the explosions of Red-Hot Energy at the speed of light, punching and shooting the forces of the Kazan Army in his path. Make your enemies explode to hop into their explosions of Red-Hot Energy!! But you'll have to do it very quick, taking care not to lose all your energy on the road!!


StrangeLight Games was founded in 2013. Our first game was a platformer game called “Magma Tsunami”. In "Magma Tsunami" There was a huge magma tsunami chasing you all the time and forcing you to run very quickly. People liked the game and we were invited to 3d Wire Market to show it. We received a very good feedback and when we came back to Barcelona, we decided to bring our company to the next level and make a bigger game for consoles and pc. Super Red-Hot Hero comes from that game, but it has changed a lot! We have been part of GAMEBCN 2014. Now we have reached the final in the PLAYSTATION AWARDS CONTEST 2015


  • More than 30 frantic and full-of-explosions stages!
  • Amazing powers to facilitate making things explode, and create Red-Hot Explosions to hop in!
  • Punch enemies!
  • Shoot enemies!
  • Different ways to complete the stages depending on your creativity making enemies explode!
  • Stunning Red-Hot Music
  • Easy to play. Hard to master. Always fun.


Full Demo Walkthrough YouTube

Super Red-Hot Hero development teaser YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "We have been in GAMEBCN 2014, where we met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot about this amazing job. Nowadays we have reached the final in the PLAYSTATION AWARDS CONTEST 2015 and we're looking for the best way to have Super Red-Hot Hero published."

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About StrangeLight Games

STRANGELIGHT GAMES IS AN INDEPENDENT GAME STUDIO FROM BARCELONA. We have grown playing good games and we want to get old playing and making good games.

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Super Red-Hot Hero Credits

Bernardo Marcos
Product owner, game design and art

Pere Fonolleda
Scrum master and programming

Alberto Rebollo
3d Artist

Carles Delgado and Fran Paredes
Music and Sound Design

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