StrangeLight the game was born as a project for the 7DFPS initiative. From August 10th to 17th, developers from all over the world joined this jam to create a first person shooter in one week, trying to reimagine the basic game mechanics of the genre.

In StrangeLight Games we wanted to do something different. Using the light that names our studio we decided to create a game that confronted light and darkness. The player controls a sphere of light (StrangeLight), to enlighten a world full of shadows and resolve the puzzles and riddles that you will find. The first version completely functional was presented in term. We dedicated one more week to polish some details of the game design and include a small in game tutorial.

StrangeLight is an experimental videogame. Solving puzzles will give the player clues to know where is he and what he must do to keep going. Move the StrangeLight all over the place to discover the mysteries this world encloses!

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I exit the cave and face darkness again. I shall find the answers before coming back. I walk forward without taking a look behind. alone.


I realize these toys want me to get inside. I know I must, but after a few steps inside my confidence in getting out start to get low. I observe it, walk around, there’s something odd. It’s different. I know it hides what I seek but it is tough to see from here.


The landscape is harsh and makes it hard to go forward. I’m lost while strange objects fly over my head. As soon as I arrive they reveal, they both raise in the middle. What must they see with their astonishing height?


Can’t focus with this alarm clock. Need some rest, get my thoughts together and decide my next moves. I write all what I’ve found and the computer shows me some other part of the riddle. I try not to think in the possibility that all these bits and pieces don’t fit together.


Gravestones, thousands of them. They all look the same at a glance. An infinity of structured silence gives me time to think. They stare at me when I turn around. Those crows follow me as I follow my way. Who follows who after all?


During my trip I’ve found information enough to solve the riddle… Whats is on the other side?